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Crypto Mining Hosting and Colocation

Host your crypto equipment today



At TeslaWatt, we offer complimentary setup for your mining equipment. This includes basic configuration, cabling, routing, Internet setup, and shelving, ensuring a smooth start with no hidden costs.

VPN access

VPN access

Stay connected and in control. Our VPN access allows customers to monitor their machines, mining pools, and profitability in real time, ensuring you're always informed about your mining operations.

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support

Our dedicated team provides continuous support for your crypto mining hosting needs. We offer around-the-clock assistance, including miner diagnostics and reboots, to keep your operations running smoothly.


PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

TeslaWatt equips each facility with high-quality PDU units, ensuring optimal service availability and reliable power distribution for your mining hardware.

Proper downtime proration

Proper downtime proration

We prioritize transparency in our services. By continuously monitoring uptime, we ensure clients receive full proration in the rare event of machine downtime, keeping your investment secure.



Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art, dedicated passive cooling systems. These systems maintain consistently low temperatures year-round, optimizing your mining hardware's performance and longevity.

Steps to start your Hosting

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Send your Equipment

Send your

Start Mining



Our Facilities at TeslaWatt

At TeslaWatt, we pride ourselves on offering an optimal climate for your crypto miners. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature dedicated passive cooling systems, including efficiently designed cold and hot/exhaust aisles. This advanced setup enhances overall stability, ensuring that your miners operate at peak efficiency. By minimizing downtime and maximizing performance, we boost your profitability. Trust TeslaWatt for top-tier hosting services that elevate your mining operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions




There are many scams online. How can I trust you?

Please, find our Company registration here.

Is my equipment safe with you?

We take security and privacy very seriously. Our facilities have 24/7/365 monitoring systems.

What is the address to send miners?

TeslaWatt 1231 Service Drive, Gardnerville NV 89410

Do you offer VPN access?

Absolutely. Our user-friendly Cisco Any Connect VPN is available immediately after your miners are connected. For security, VPN access is granted only post-equipment deployment.

Do you provide static IP?

Yes, we offer public static IPs from our range or a private subnet with VPN, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity for your mining operations.

Deployment Time for Miners?

At TeslaWatt, we typically deploy new miners within 1-3 business days, ensuring a quick and efficient setup for your mining hardware.

Capacity for 1 MW of Power?

The number of miners per 1 MW varies based on the model. Newer, high-consumption models (over 3kW) mean up to 320 miners can fit within a 1 MW setup.

Do you offer 24/7/365 technical support?

Yes. Data Center services are not possible without 24/7/365 support.

What are the additional costs for technical support?

There are no additional costs for technical support. This is included in your hosting fee.

What If My Miner Fails Electronically?

In case of electronic failure, we offer several solutions. We can send your miner to the Bitmain repair facility (clients cover shipping). Additionally, we can replace fans or PSUs on-site at no extra labor cost.

How Do I Reboot a Miner? Is a Ticket Required?

Customers can initiate reboots themselves. Alternatively, our 24/7 technical support team can assist with reboots, all coordinated via email for efficient communication.

Can the customer check the power consumption?

Yes, per request.

Is There CCTV for Customer Monitoring?

Our facilities are monitored 24/7 with internal CCTV for enhanced security. However, for privacy and security reasons, we do not provide external access to our CCTV system to customers.

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