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Sep 17

Fully assembled 1,4 MW Transformer Installation

Fully assembled 1,4 MW Transformer Installation

We are happy to announce that TeslaWatt site has 1.4 MW Transformer installed and is ready for use. The Transformer is designed to grant reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility and commercial applications.

TeslaWatt Transformer ensures optimized performance while lowering environmental impact by being a critical link between the power station and the transmission network.

Sep 04

TeslaWatt Data Center contracted for architectural design!!

First Roadmap Milestone - Done

In parallel with Engeeniring Study, architects are conducting topographic Survey by collecting survey data about the natural and man-made features of the TeslaWatt's land. The Study will show to the TeslaWatt team all the land's Vegetation and physical attributes, as well as stream or creek, plus architects will easily identify a wooded area, utility lines, street lights, electric boxes..etc.

Within a few days, TeslaWatt will have the results (topographic Study) and be able to continue working on substation planning.

Aug 26

New Discounted Pricing

First Roadmap Milestone - Done

We are excited to announce that we have been able to secure significant energy resources as part of our most recent expansion. TeslaWatt is now able to offer even more affordable services to our customers!

We continue to strive to out goal to help businesses and individuals manage and control their crypto mining operations remotely with our best hosting packages.

For more information, please contact our Sales Team at (775)235-6235 or email us at [email protected]

Aug 23

TeslaWatt has signed the Engineering Study Agreement

First Roadmap Milestone - Done

In order to set up an owned substation, TeslaWatt requested the Engineering Study with an aim to increase power supply for 35MW and provide electric service to a data center facility. The Study will be conducted by Sierra Pacific Power Company d/b/a NV Energy and will be focused on the anticipation of the initial load of 35 MW at an assumed 90% power factor from Utility’s 60 kV electric system.

Aug 14

TeslaWatt’s land acquisition to build a new 30MW facility

First Roadmap Milestone - Done

TeslaWatt has purchased two parcels of land. The new property acquisitions are commonly known as Lots 10 and 11 of the Old Saw Mill Industrial Park in Gardnerville, Nevada. The property spans 5 acres and will be used for our new energy capacity of 30 MW. TeslaWatt started preparation work for this new facility to be better equipped to serve the needs of our growing customer base.

Aug 6



We are exited to announce that we are expanding our North Nevada facility with the additional capacity of 1,4 MW.

We will be able to accommodate new customers starting September 24th.

For reservations and more info please contact our sales team at (775)235-6235 or email us at [email protected]

Jul 2

TeslaWatt ( TSW ) Token Release

TeslaWatt - Services.

TeslaWatt signed a new contract with TokenTrade platform for ICO coin release. TokenTrade is a platform that will help TeslaWatt release our own token.

We have issued 100 million tokens and each token costs $0.30.

Several promotional periods are coming up:
“Private Sale” from July 1st 2018 through November 15th 2018 with 40% off.
“Pre-Sale” from November 15th 2018 through January 15th 2019 with 30% off.
“Sale” from January 15th 2019 through March 15th 2019 with 20% off.
“Last Chance” where TeslaWatt is offering 10% discount will go from March 15th 2019 through April 15th 2019

Starting from June 1 st 2019 our valued customers will have an option to pay for hosting services with TeslaWatt tokens and receive 15% service discount.

Now is a great time to accumulate tokens at a discount!

Your TeslaWatt team!

May 1

We are excited to announce that we have new pricing for our services!

TeslaWatt - Services.

The new prices will be in effect from June 1st.

S9 miner monthly hosting is $125.
L3+ miner monthly hosting is $80.
Nema L6-30R outlet with 5 kW maximum utilization is $450 per month.

Happy mining!

Apr 18

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our capacity to 1 MW

TeslaWatt - 1 MW capacity.

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our capacity to 1 MW and will be accepting new customers starting from April 15th. Our facilities have been completely remodeled and now include dedicated cooling systems. The improvements will provide a year round low temperatures and improve overall stability.

Mar 1

We are proud to announce our new website for TeslaWatt LLC

News box 3

Please visit our website for information about us and future updates about our work. Let us know how we did on creating the website and what you would like to see in the future. Please share your feedback on the look and feel of our site to write to our email at [email protected]

feb 25

TeslaWatt signed the purchase agreement for the new real estate in Nevada

News box 2

TeslaWatt signed the purchase agreement for the new real estate in Nevada. The purchase of additional real estate will bring new space for the expansion. Additional real estate size is 3,500 sq feet at the same address. Our address will stay the same. We will own units A1, A2, B1, B2.

Feb 21

TeslaWatt started datacenter operations in Gardnerville, Nevada

News box 1

TeslaWatt started datacenter operations in small town Gardnerville, Nevada. The datacenter was taken over from CeradNet the original company. TeslaWatt initial capacity was 1 MW in the Nevada facility. You can find our registration here. Original TeslaWatt operations started in 3,500 sq feet space which ownership is recorded under TeslaWatt LLC name.You can find our property ownership information here.

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