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TeslaWatt Crypto Mining Hosting Services

About Us

At TeslaWatt, we are committed to empowering our clients with the tools they need to succeed in cryptocurrency mining. Our mission centers around delivering top-tier, reliable hosting services for crypto miners. We aim to contribute to the growth and enhanced security of decentralized networks across the globe, combining innovative technology with unparalleled 24/7 support. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


TeslaWatt LLC

Founded in July 2017 by Vladimir Radovic, an accomplished entrepreneur and founder of Serbia’s largest private ISP, VeratNet, TeslaWatt LLC began its journey in a Silicon Valley garage. Today, it stands as a leader in cryptocurrency mining and data center hosting.

From our headquarters in Gardnerville, Nevada, we’ve grown from a modest 1 MW capacity to a robust 8 MW, showcasing our commitment to scalable and reliable crypto mining hosting. As one of the oldest and most financially stable hosting facilities in the United States, TeslaWatt has weathered the crypto market’s ups and downs without incurring debt or restructuring.

With two owned and two rented facilities across the United States, TeslaWatt’s impressive financial and credit record cements our reputation as the country’s most dependable hosting provider for cryptocurrency miners.

TeslaWatt LLC - Miners

Our Team

At TeslaWatt, we are proud of our team of skilled professionals, each dedicated to delivering unparalleled service in the field of cryptocurrency mining and hosting.

Sergey Benke
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Milan Uzelac
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Aleksandra Briche
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Pred Peric
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Vlad Uzelac, Ph.D.
Head of Research & Development (R&D)

Sergey, Milan, Pred, and Vlad are not just leaders in their fields but also active partners in TeslaWatt. Their combined expertise drives our commitment to maintaining TeslaWatt’s status as a trusted, secure, and reliable hosting provider in the United States. Our team’s dedication ensures a safe and efficient experience for all our clients.

TeslaWatt - Our Team

Our Mission at TeslaWatt

Our mission at TeslaWatt is to deliver secure, reliable, and affordable hosting services for cryptocurrency mining and data center operations. We are dedicated to staying ahead in the industry, embracing cutting-edge technologies and nurturing our passion for innovation to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With a team of experienced professionals and committed partners, we strive to build enduring relationships with our clients, positioning ourselves as leaders in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of cryptocurrency mining and data center hosting.

Teslawatt - Our Mission at TeslaWatt

Scale Your Operations Quickly and Efficiently with TeslaWatt

At TeslaWatt, we offer 24/7 technical support, ensuring rapid response to your needs. Just an email to our support team, any time of day or night, guarantees quick and efficient resolution.

Our facilities are strategically designed for fast scalability and cost-efficiency, setting us apart from traditional data center models. This innovative approach allows our clients to significantly accelerate the expansion of their operations, making scaling up simpler and faster than ever.

TeslaWatt - Scale Your Operations Quickly and Efficiently with TeslaWatt

Optimal Economics and Infrastructure

TeslaWatt is where crypto miners, IT professionals, and power generation owners converge, thanks to our infrastructure specifically tailored for blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, and more.
Our facilities offer the perfect climate for crypto mining, featuring advanced cold and hot/exhaust aisles as part of our state-of-the-art dedicated cooling system. This ensures improved stability and efficiency.
We provide the ideal combination of economics and infrastructure for high-compute applications, non-mission-critical workloads, and operations with budget considerations, making us a prime choice for diverse technological needs.

TeslaWatt - Optimal Economics and Infrastructure

Cost-Effective Pricing for Maximum Returns

TeslaWatt ensures the safety of your equipment with our 24/7/365 monitoring systems. Experience peace of mind knowing your investments are secure and constantly overseen.
Stay connected to your operations with real-time monitoring of your machines, mining pools, and profitability. Our Cisco Any Connect VPN offers a user-friendly setup, granting you immediate access once your miners are connected.

TeslaWatt - Cost-Effective Pricing for Maximum Returns

Operational Excellence and Swift Service at TeslaWatt

At TeslaWatt, our customer support is unrivaled, with a commitment to resolving every issue to your full satisfaction. We provide free setup, including basic configuration, cabling, routing, Internet, and shelving, to get you started without any extra charges.

We diligently monitor uptime and offer full proration for any machine downtime, ensuring transparency with no hidden costs. The price you see is the price you pay, as per our clear and straightforward quotations.

Specializing in mining, TeslaWatt is dedicated to making crypto mining accessible to everyone. Considering a crypto miner purchase? Don’t worry about the technical details – we’ve got you covered, making it easy for anyone to start mining.

TeslaWatt - Men

What Others Say About Us

Take your mining to new heights !

Where are we?

Gardnerville, NV

Tonopah, NV

Newberry, SC

Where are we?

Tonopah, NV

Gardnerville, NV

Newberry, SC