Video and Surveillance

Video Surveillance solutions are essential for your business.

It's time to protect your assets.

VIDEO Surveillance

To have a complete security solution video surveillance is integral. While knowing “something’s happening” is great, seeing what’s happening is even better. Just installing cameras means nothing for your business if you don’t have resources to monitor them 24/7.

TeslaWatt offers very professional and timely efficient staff that can monitor your cameras at all the time or just designated hours. You can choose either personnel on site at your location or remotely service from TeslaWatt office. Both options will report directly to you!

Video Surveillance – Real time monitoring

TeslaWatt provides as many resources as you need in very short period of time. You don’t have to worry about labor department or tax preparation for employees. Our Surveillance Monitoring staff can be onsite or remote per your request.

TeslaWatt will ensure that each of our employees has passed a background, security and other safety related checks. We will provide the best possible resources with a great communications and verbal skills. For the remote staff TeslaWatt will provide office surveillance, multi-monitor, very professional and strict environment. We can organize 24/7 video surveillance for your business.

Price list:

  • - Per hour monitoring on demand $6/Hr
  • - Shared team 1/4 night 12h + weekends - $700 a month
  • - Shared team 1/4 (people) 24/7 - $1,000
  • - Shared team 1/2 (3 people) night 12h + weekends - $1,300 a month
  • - Shared team 1/2 (5 people) 24/7 - $2,000 month
  • - Dedicated team (3 people) night 12h + weekends - $2,600 a month
  • - Dedicated team (5 people) 24/7 - $4,000 a month

We can offer: video editing, creating small timelaps video for specific time, tracking stolen items, tracking visits, reporting, efficiency time count etc...

Physical Camera Installation
at your business location

Here at TeslaWatt, LLC. we know that protecting you and your property begins with providing quality installation services and ends with an “easy to use” cutting edge surveillance security camera system.

We can prepare system that is easy to use so that anyone can learn how to use it in minutes, or we can also offer you video survellance in real time monitoring. Cameras can be monitored from iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows/Mac Desktop anywhere anytime in the world!

Project consulting

First step would be to prepare FREE project consulting for the camera system. We would create SOW (Scope of Work) based on your physical location. In the planning phase we will present you all physical locations for the camera installation. We would need blueprints, sketch, digital photos of your property.

Comprehensive project assessment, planning, and solution recommendation. Performed by TeslaWatt team of experts in physical security, IP video/CCTV, and wireless networking. Additional assessment & planning for complex, multi-location projects. Recommended best practices for your industry and particular application. Complete equipment specification & installation plan.


TeslaWatt staff can install camera system per your request avoiding wires to be seen and ensuring that cameras are protected against vandalism.

Using the right type of cameras virtually eliminates theft and protects your investment (especially outdoor surveillance cameras, which in some areas get stolen).

We can adjust your camera surveillance project per your needs. We can go in high level details or just basic video surveillance. For an example, we can install system that is able to obtain clear and identifiable images or video recording after an event happens. We can always ensure to clearly see a license plate number, a person’s face, an identifiable tattoo, etc. after an incident.