Rack and Stack

Eliminate the labor-intensive tasks

Keys to a Successful Rack and Stack

With TeslaWatt’s Rack and Stack service, you’ll eliminate the labor-intensive tasks that must occur each and every time new a server cluster, storage device(s) or networking gear is installed.

Our experienced technicians can rack and cable your data center products — either on-site at your data center or prior to shipping at our facility, ensuring consistency and exceptionally high quality.

Rack and stack features

  • Rack design and layout
  • Receiving and unpacking hardware
  • Inventory check, labeling, and serial number recording
  • Professional assembly and rack mounting
  • Power and network cables provided
  • Intra-cabinet cabling as specified
  • Fully documented cable list
  • Final documentation of layout and cable runs
  • Visio diagrams and digital picture documentation


We perform background checks and screenings prior to adding anyone to one of our decommissioning teams. This ensures that only qualified and capable technicians will be handling your equipment and data. They will complete your project properly and efficiently, on time and under budget.

TeslaWatt ensures that our technicians are fully trained in data center security, data center etiquette, and the expected protocols and processes of working in highly secured facilities.

All equipment removed by TeslaWatt is logged with the corresponding make, model and serial numbers for your records and the equipment is sealed before departure in one of our GPS monitored vehicles, ensuring that every piece of equipment is safe and secure from outside tampering.

Once the equipment arrives at our secure facility, you will be able to monitor and keep track of any assets through our secure client portal. Our custom reporting and tracking system allows you to monitor your assets from pick-up to completion, ensuring full accountability.