Power Distribution

Our team will design most optimal solution for your business.

TeslaWatt provide services for the electrical equipment installations. Any power connection to the poll or power line below 12.5 kV is considered as low voltage distribution systems.

TeslaWatt performs all wiring services and installs the switchgear Data Centers, Hotels, Warehouse, Industrial facility. We can perform installation from 50 kW up to 5,000 kW.

We specialize also in savings in electricity power consumption. We can manage continuous load operation or high demand charge utilization.


We can install transformer at your location within for very short time.

Trenching & Padding

Trenching & Padding is needed to secure place for your transformer and wiring from Transformer to the SwitchBoard. We can order, install and prepare your site for new power.


Switchboards are sometimes tricky to install and preferably we need to make right chose for your needs. TeslaWatt has solution for all of that.

Wiring to Vault, Pole or loop in to another transformer

Wiring from your primary meter to the utility provider is job for experts in 12.5 kV. Make your chose wisely with professional team for this job.

Connecting Panels with breakers.

There are hundreds of different panels and different breakers.