NOC (network issues 24/7)

We are hard at work monitoring your infrastructure

Our 24/7 Network Operations Center (24/7 NOC) teams monitor your mission critical IT infrastructure, services, applications, connections, sites and processes, whether they are hosted by you or by third parties such as Amazon S3 or similar.

TeslaWatt’s team of highly skilled, cross-trained technical personnel offers a full range of services including real-time, proactive service and equipment monitoring, rapid response troubleshooting, network support.


Benefits of Conectys NOC and RIM Services

  • 1. Scale globally
  • 2. Easy to understand cost effective tailored solutions available in two levels
  • 3. Generate business with the ability to offer 24/7/365 monitoring to your customers
  • 4. Reduce cost by lowering overhead
  • 5. Focus on customer experience while we take the task of infrastructure monitoring
  • 6. Do more without expanding your existing staff


24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) Our 24/7 NOC service is a monitoring and reporting solution. If you need our Engineers to intervene for certain types of incidents, you can choose our Remote Infrastructure Management solution, which are a superset of our 24/7 NOC services.

Monitoring And Checks

  • Monitoring of CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk Space, Network Interface Load, etc.
  • Monitoring of your critical service such as web servers, mail servers, file servers, web services, processes, etc.
  • Regular proactive manual check.
  • Antivirus and Spyware alert monitoring.
  • Patch Alerts for your builds.