Design and Planning

Our team works proactively to design excellent electrical solutions.

a comprehensive electrical design
to meet specific client needs

TeslaWatt provides a comprehensive electrical design to meet specific needs of the clients in various electrical projects. Our team have wide-ranging experience and unambiguous understanding of electrical designs & schematics, electrical plans, circuit layouts, wiring diagram and planning requirements for various electrical control circuits for our clients in California and Nevda.

TeslaWatt offers civil engineering, transmission and distribution line routing and design, and substation layout and design. Our engineering staff is experienced in a wide array of utility projects, with a comprehensive understanding of utility standards and rules.

Distribution Design

TeslaWatt provides analysis, engineering and construction management for distribution substations and distribution circuits in California and Nevada. Our clients include data centers and industrial companies that seek new distribution or upgrades to an existing distribution network. Our approach is not only customer focused, value driven and innovative, but collaborative, comprehensive and cost-effective as well.

Distribution and Joint Pole Design

TeslaWatt offers electric distribution design services for a wide range of major projects. This includes the design of new facilities, rebuilding or relocating existing facilities and working with joint use utilities and industries which are dependent on responsive utility relocations such as data centers, mines and public works.

Substation Design

TeslaWatt offers full Issued for Construction design drawings of substations ranging from low voltage remodeled substations, up to and including 345 to 500kV new substations.

Our professional team brings extensive experience in working with utilities to complete this engineering. We are skilled in control wiring, equipment testing, bus welding and other facets of substation work.

TeslaWatt also provides substation design and consulting to renewable generation developers, data centers, and other industries that utilize high voltage interconnections.TeslaWatt has the experience and resources to complete all facets of substation engineering, from site preparation through energizing.

Engineering Services:

- Power studies and modeling
- Wiring diagrams
- Control functions
- Design schematics
- Profile and sectionals
- Construction mapping

Equipment Specifications:

- Power Generators
- Power and Grounding Transformers
- Switching Equipment & Major Components
- Power Circuit Breakers
- Metal Clad Switchgear
- Reclosers and Sectionalizers
- Capacitors and Voltage Regulators
- Protection and Automation
- SCADA Control, RTUs, Remote Metering and Monitoring
- Bus Systems
- Grounding Grids
- Raceway Systems
- Structural Control Buildings and Foundations

Substation Protection and Control

TeslaWatt team includes the capabilities of providing protection and control design. This work includes extensive coordination with each utility own protection and control engineering department.