Data Center Physical Migration

Transform your operating environment with a data center migration.

Servers and the hardware in a server room require special attention when a server move or server migration is planned. Whether your server move is a small or large move, it is always wise to have an experienced project manager at the helm of the server move.

A dedicated team of professional server movers such as TeslaWatt is necessary to ensure the server migration will be executed without any problems.

Server movers have experience dealing with most any issue that may arise, along with proper IT insurances. Normally, the server move will involve moving servers from the old location (origin) and setting it up at the new location (destination).

We’ve outlined these 13 steps to give you some guidance on implementing a smooth data center migration.

1. Thorough inspection and documentation of the source data center at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled move date

2. All server related data entered into a purpose-built system which allows for simple generation of un-rack and re-rack plans and rack elevation diagrams to serve as working plans for the move engineers

3. Bar Code Tagging of servers scheduled to move at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled move date

4. Data Center walkthrough (both source and target sites) 2 weeks prior to the move event with the lead move engineer and shipper to understand any special requirements or work to perform pre-move day

5. Un-rack plan to maximize effectiveness and minimize overcrowding within the data center on move day

6. System generated labels with server name placed on the rails when removed

7. Rails are transported in advance if/where appropriate, to save time during the physical move process.

8. System generated labels with server name, moving cart number, new row/rack location and U-Position are placed on the servers when removed

9. Re-rack plan to maximize effectiveness and minimize overcrowding in the data center

10. Rack elevation diagrams taped to each target rack for additional visual confirmation that servers are being racked in the proper locations

11. Servers are unloaded and stacked on dollies designated for specific racks based upon detailed re-rack plan

12. Connect all power and network cables based upon detailed re-rack plan

13. Audit of rail installation, server locations and cabling is performed by a project manager or lead move engineer throughout the move and a final audit is performed upon completion

Phases of server relocation and migration process


During this phase TeslaWatt can advise on available sites and types of colocation and managed services available to address the customer’s needs.

Planning and Design

Once the end state requirements are agreed upon TeslaWatt Consultants will collaborate with the customer to design and plan out the deliver of the solution. During the planning phase TeslaWatt and the customer will jointly define the number of and timeframe for maintenance windows to be discussed with the various business unit owners.

Implementation and Configuration

The type of move will dictate not only the planning and design but also the required implementation and configuration needed to prepare for the data center relocation. These efforts range from environmental, to procedures, to shipping, etc.

Migration and Relocation

The TeslaWatt delivery team will move data and physical equipment as seamlessly as possible dependent “move packets” and “application interdependencies”. Critical is program management and the use of key documentation noted below.

Knowledge Transfer

TeslaWatt Consultants will meet with the Customer to review technical and operational aspects of their new environment, as well as ensure all applications have been approved for production.