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Chatbots are popping up in just about every business these days. They’re becoming a staple in marketing campaigns and developers are constantly experimenting with different approaches to make chatbots mainstream.

While plenty of platforms insist that you can use them to build a chatbot in ten minutes or less, the time and effort you put into it define whether you create a borderline human conversation or “just another dumb bot”.

The most common approaches in the bot development market include the simple Directed Dialogue, and the more sophisticated NLP.

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. In a nutshell, it’s a form of AI where a chatbot is programmed to seem more human. It considers context and pattern recognition, then responds in a conversational format that people understand. Sometimes developers add buttons to enhance the structure of the conversation.

Intelligent Conversations Through a Scalable Engine

Transparent AI

Unlike other solutions, TeslaWatt AI chatbot software is accessible and actionable, making it easy to deploy and manage.

AI Chatbots and Virtual Agents

While other customer service chatbot software limits users to predefined scripts, TeslaWatt delivers personalized, dynamic customer conversations.

Engage Everywhere

Start with one engagement channel or eight. TeslaWatt won't break a sweat supporting your customers, no matter how many ways they want to interact.