Asset Inventory

The best of class, onsite inventory services.

TeslaWatt data center asset inventory services & DCIM software

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools monitor, measure, manage and/or integrates facets of system management, with control data center resources and energy consumption of Information Technology (IT) related equipment (such as servers, storage and network switches).

They are data center specific and are designed for data center use rather than general building management system tools.

The Data Center Operation solution offers a number of different capabilities including but not limited to: planning, asset management and inventory tracking, capacity monitoring (e.g. power), as well as simulation capabilities to forecast the state of the data center at a point in time based on the currently known changes.

Applications include:

  • Data Collection
  • Consulting
  • Asset Recovery

At a high level, DCIM can be used for many purposes. DCIM can support data center availability and reliability requirements, it can identify and eliminate sources of risk to increase availability of critical IT systems, it can be used to identify interdependencies between facility and IT infrastructures to alert the facility manager to gaps in system redundancy, and it can assist in modeling the costs structures of building and maintaining the huge accumulation of assets which form the data center, over long periods of time.