About us

About TeslaWatt

TeslaWatt is the ideal choice for Data Center and IT services in California and Nevada.

TeslaWatt is your partner for business-ready IT infrastructure and colocation. Our customers choose TeslaWatt because they value security, compliance, connectivity, and support.

Our mission is to provide innovative and trusted enterprise-class IT infrastructure so our clients can focus on their core business.

TeslaWatt started in a garage in Silicon Valley California in May 2017. Several friends started mining operations with nine GPU mining rigs with six graphic cards in each rig. Very soon they realized that mining cryptocurrency at home was not the most efficient way of cryptocurrency production especially in residential areas.

In September of 2017, we decided to purchase a property for our first datacenter in Gardnerville Nevada, South Lake Tahoe Area. The company operated under the name CERAD LLC as a temporary code name until all the preparation work was done for a new and modernized company - TeslaWatt.

Cerad LLC officially changed its name in January 2018. TeslaWatt owns the property free and clear for the datacenter in Nevada. You can find our registration here and our property ownership information here.

Key company milestones include

  • 2019 - Expended Serveces
  • 2018 - Nevada center 1
  • 2017 – Company Founded

Sunnyvale,CA 121 Industrial Dr. Maysville GA, 30558-3553

Los Angeles, CA 155 Palmer Lane Marble NC, 28905-8506

Gardnerville, NV 1231 Service Dr. Gardnerville,
NV 89410